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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

(October 16th, 2002) The Arnold Fans have received a top secret shoot sheet for T3, so be warned it does reveal a major battle scene so if you don't want to know then don't read it.

T3 2nd Unit Schedule. Revised Wed, Aug 28, 2002 - 4:05 P.M.

-- CRSv Bathroom Fight - Stage 3 --


MOCO PRACTICAL SET - Tracking with T as he walks forward, swinging TX violently between walls


45" Angle Set - T thrown into the ceiling and falls into toilet stall - IF NOT COMPLETE


MS fast tilt with T in...acting various stalls


Low 3/4 WS T impacts through toilet stalls and basin


Over T, TX flies into CU as T exits frame


Over TX, T somersaults away from Cam


MS to WS whip w/T as he impacts corner and falls out of frame


TX checks herself in mirror and T grabs her from behind, heads for toilet


T flips Digital TX upside down over toilet


TX POV Down Shot heading for toilet


TX (cabled) descending towards toilet


TX dunked into toilet head first, toilet shatters

END OF DAY 44 -- Thu, Aug 29, 2002


MS pan w/TX as she rammed into Mirror


CU TX reacting... now pissed


MS TX spins around and shoots her hand between T's legs


CU TX hand coming between legs


CU T looks down and then back to TX


3/4 front WS, tracking as T comes thru the wall towards Cam, moving in profile


3/4 Rear Tracking close FS


Profile Static WS


3/4 Front FS with Pan, 48 fps

Front MS T's head comes thru wall

END OF DAY 45 -- Fri, Aug 30, 2002

(October 12th, 2002) A new image of Arnold in T3 has been sent into Latino Review

The Terminator is disturbing the peace

(October 8th, 2002) While on the set of T3 The Arnold Fans talked with T3 producer Hal Liberman and Pablo Helman, ILM visual effects supervisor and this is what they had to say:

Pablo Helman, ILM visual effects supervisor:

What can we expect that we haven¹t seen before?

PH: Well, we are doing some really interesting visual doubling on the TX, on the female terminator and also on Arnold. And it's mainly for very safety concerns, stunt cinematography. We're also doing a lot of fluid simulation, which is basically we're taking the skin of the TX and making it into basically liquid metal, but peeling off and revealing a bunch of surprises.

Do you do motion capture for digital doubling?

PH: Not necessarily. We've been working with Arnold and Kristanna for about six months or so, so we've taken some really good referencing pictures under different lighting conditions.

How is this different from Spider-Man?

PH: Well, hopefully it'll look a lot better. No, I think the difference is in Spider-Man you have somebody that is wearing a suit. In this picture, we have two people who are basically, we're replicating skin conditions, lighting conditions, lots of natural things like sweating and expressions and things like that. When you have somebody with a mask on, you can get away with a lot more.

>Were you able to use any technology from the previous T2?

PH: No, this is all new. It's kind of funny because the last Terminator movie was about 11 years ago and there were only 47 visual effects shots.

How many in this?

PH: I'd say probably between 350 and 500

Will this film be considered revolutionary?

PH: I think it will be revolutionary from a scientific point of view because like I said, we're developing a lot of fluid simulation, computer simulation stuff that hasn't been seen before. However, the public has such a sophisticated eye that after everything that we've been doing with visual effects, it's gonna be very difficult to make that kind of an impact, although we try.

Are there CGI robots to go along with Stan Winston's?

PH: Yeah, well, in that tunnel scene, we had to marry practical things that Stan Winston was bringing in, all the puppets, plus we had to match his puppet to the digital puppet. And so, that's going to be a real challenge.

What's the breakdown between practical and CGI robots?

PH: If you're talking about Arnold, there's a lot more CG than practical. Well, there are different kinds of shots to be honest with you.

Producer Hal Lieberman:

Is T4 in the works?

HL: There's some early discussion about it but there's nothing concrete.

Is it pressure that people will think this is the Terminator Cameron didn't direct?

HL: It is, but really all that we can do is, and again we're such huge fans of the first two, was to try to come up and keep going back to the story with a story that had the integrity worthy of the prior two, and from there, that was really the threshold point to then go forward and make the movie. Once we felt we had something really good to tell, then it becomes about putting it through the camera and making it real.

What need is there for another Terminator movie?

HL: I think people love it and they have great film going experiences. So, I do believe that it was worthy. In our approach, we came out of a truly passion for the prior movies and again, coming up with a story that we could be passionate enough to want to commit to make.

Can a movie like this make money?

HL: It is very expensive, but the movie can definitely make money, absolutely. The studios that got involved in the financing of it, nobody gets into this to not make money. They have businesses to run and we don't want to count our chickens until they've hatched but we believe that if we make a good movie, and that's why Jonathan is here and the rest of us to support him, we believe hopefully we'll get a great opening and that the movie will play out well and with the way movies are opening today, especially in summer time, there's a good chance when you run the numbers, and I'm a former studio executive that ran many, many numbers, there's a reason to make it.

How will you approach the marketing?

HL: Well, as you can see, we're loathe to give away too much information on the story so obviously, in a teaser we're going to look to tease and to whet their appetite and see that there's something terminator out there that is formidable and worthy of taking on our heroes and the Arnold terminator. Hopefully, you'll see it Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Why a female terminator anyway?

HL: Well, it has significance in the story. And also, it's a fresh way to approach it. It was a choice, but a good one.

Will we see more of the future world?

HL: What did Jonathan say? Jonathan's right. There is, yeah. We're hoping that the vista of this Terminator will be very varied and very surprising.

Is anything different because of the changes they made in T2?

HL: Sure. Yeah. You'd have to be specific with me for me to not answer you, but yes. Obviously, there's a time paradox that goes into all of the Terminators and we had to be careful to make it make sense to the audience.

(October 6th, 2002) This next news article comes from Fangoria. This is an interview with ILM visual effect supervisor Pablo Helman:

As TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY was such a groundbreaking film for visual FX—taking home the Oscar, in fact—you'd expect that ILM has just as much ambition for TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES. When Fango went back to the T3 set this past Saturday, we caught up with T3's visual FX supervisor, Pablo (ATTACK OF THE CLONES) Helman, who gave us a taste of what we can expect.

"We are doing some really interesting digital doubling on the T-X—the female terminator—and also on Arnold, and it's mainly for very hazardous stunt cinematography," explains Helman. "We're also doing a lot of what's called 'fluid simulation,' which is where we're taking the skin of the T-X and making it into liquid metal, but peeling off. We're leaving a bunch of surprises."

In T3, Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 finds himself battle-damaged to the point that during the shoot, sometimes his body would be half green screened. While there is plenty of practical makeup (done by Arnold's long-time makeup man, Jeff Dawn), the majority of the effects will be done with CGI. To this end, ILM worked closely with Dawn and his team.

"Jeff is great," says Helman. "He's been around forever and he's been working with Arnold for a long time, so he knows every little pore that Arnold has. So he's been really instrumental in guiding us through the process of doing the digital double. We've been sharing pictures with him and he's been giving us comments. The interesting part about that is that the technology that is bridging toward the makeup artists. The same skills you need to be a makeup artist, you need to do digital doubles. They're not distinct. You cannot separate those things."

Though the technology being used to create the Terminators and the futuristic war zone sequences (now a combination of miniatures and ILM's digital mapping department) is all new, an effort has been made to keep the same look and feel for the characters and certain fan-favorite, familiar machines (and, well, endoskeletons).

"It's kind of funny because the last TERMINATOR movie was about 11 years ago and there were only 47 digital effects shots," Helman admits. "In this, [there are] probably between 350 and 500. We have re-scanned everything, although, oddly enough, it was our responsibility to take a look at the TERMINATOR franchise and what has been done in T1 and T2, and we do think that a lot of fans will want to see the things that have been in T1 and T2, so we're really respectful of that. We are always looking at T2. We have a bunch of DVDs that we always reference. And also, we have people like Stan Winston in the shop, also artist like John Rosengrant and Jeff Dawn—everybody that had been working with Arnold. They're great references for us. I'm always talking to them about what they did and how they did it. Also, at ILM. It did get ILM an Oscar for visual effects and Dennis Muren did the visual effects work, so I'm always talking to him about what he did and how he did it. We're just a couple of offices away."

(September 26th, 2002) Just in is the second part of The Arnold Fans interview with Nick Stahl who plays John Connor in T3:

TAFs: Do you have any uncomfortable love-making scenes with Claire Danes? And if not, what is the on-screen relation?

Nick Stahl: (Laughs) If I did you wouldn't see! Well, I don't know how much I can say about this. It's kind of secretly tight.

The phone call interview lasted over 20 minutes so naturally there was more to discuss.

What did Nick think of the past two movies and working with Arnold. Did working with Arnold make it difficult for him since Arnold's a major star?

"Well, I've seen the second film and I really liked it as a 15 year old kid. I watched it many times! The first film I probably only saw once, but I saw it a couple of times again later. Arnold is a larger-than-life character and I don't think that really affected the working relation. He's been acting for so long now."

But, while signing on to do "T3" Nick also must have been aware of the fact that suddenly everybody's going to know him immediately after the film's release. How does he prepare himself for this?

"Well I don't know about that. I've been making sure that the rest of my life is in as much order as possible, because I don't know exactly what to expect from this and of course we'll be travelling and doing some press junkets and stuff like that, but other then that, I really don't know what to expect."

Isn't Nick afraid he will be typecast as John Connor?

"I don't know, it's a different type of movie. I've done a variety of other things before this and it never occurred to me. But, although it's an action film there are also some strong human relationships involved, which makes the movie quit unique and makes the character realistic. So, I am never worried about that."

So, what about "T4", would Nick care to join the cast once again for the fourth movie in the franchise:

"We already discussed that option and I'd love to, but I guess it's really up to 'them' to do another film, but YES, I would love to do another Terminator movie. This was instantly followed up by another person to reveal: "Basically there are options for everybody to return in T3"

In real life, is Nick someone who searches through the internet to see what's happening and how the fans react on his presence in the new movie:

"No I haven't actually, I went online once when we started filming and I kind of vowed not to do it again ... laughs... because someone told me "you got to go to this website because people are writing scripts that don't exist" So I the first thing I read was this guy who gave like 50 reasons why I shouldn't play the role ...laughs again..., I just kind of turned it off. So I've tried to avoid that from then on"

Are Nick and Arnold close friends now, do they still stay in touch?

"Well, no, he's a busy guy you know. That's the nature of the job, first you work very long together and then you go on to the next thing."

The future is set. Nick plays John Connor and if they want him to reprise the role again he's ready for it. But, what's next?

"I guess I'm going to do a little independent film in Toronto in November and we'll shoot for about a month and that's about all for right now. The movie is called TWIST, a contemporary adaptation of Oliver Twist."

(September 25th, 2002) The Arnold Fans have posted a part of their interview with Nick Stahl who plays John Connor in T3:

TAFs: How has the John Connor character evolved since we last saw him 10 years ago?

Nick Stahl: "Well, his domestic life has changed. He lives on his own now, kind of the grid I guess. He sort of seeks himself in private and still has memories of what happened 10 years ago, which are still fresh to him. So, he's very guarded and kind of weary of technology."

TAFs: So, is he the great military leader now, which Edward Furlong described in T2?

Nick Stahl: "No, he's not. He's no more of a leader, in his mind. He's no more of a leader he was 10 years ago."

There was much more to discuss. Stahl explained his reaction when the studio asked him to play such a big part in a major production. "I was really thrilled I got it. I guess I was a little intimidated. This role is done before, stuff like that. But, I was extremely happy that I got it."

He also discussed his comparisons with Edward Furlong's work from T2. "I had to do it on my own. I wanted to approach it as a complete new character. They wanted another character/ actor for the role, so there was no being different. You just have an automatic back-story, a whole history that's documented.

And what of the physical challenges of being in a huge Special Effects film? "It's a different kind of movie I discovered. You shoot something 100 different ways, so every time you do something, physical, you've got to do it over and over again. It's hard if you're not prepared for it, but I had a lot of physical training a few months before shooting. I also had to learn how to handle hand-guns and things like that, so it is pretty fun actually. It's new to me!"

There will be more of that interview to come where The Arnold Fans talk to Nick Stahl about the first 2 Terminator movies, a possible T4 and how he got along with Arnold on the set.

(September 18th, 2002) 2 more set reports have been sent into The Arnold Fans. They include pictures so take a look.

Set report 1

Set report 2

(September 14th, 2002) Just A couple more pictures to add from the set of T3 who were given to the online media.

Source: Sci-Fi

Source: Zap2it

Source: Counting Down

(September 13th, 2002) These are exclusive pictures given to the online media who attended a press on conference on the set of T3 as principle photography wrapped last week.

Source: Latino Review

Source: Chud

Source: Action Adventure

Source: The Arnold Fans

(September 12th, 2002) The Arnold Fans have 4 set reports from the T3 set of coarse. Click on the corresponding links to see them.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

(September 11th, 2002) Thanks to T3 Nexus who are first to report the news on new Terminator model in T3. Warning spoiler coming up!

San Bernardino International Airport was invaded earlier this week. Five ten-foot high robots carrying Gating-gun like automatic weapons were on the scene. There was helicopter wreckage and urban assault vehicles, primarily jeeps and Hummers. And there were "bodies' littering the airport's tarmac.

Look out!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and "Terminator' are coming back. And for more than a week, SBIA was the site of stunt scenes and special effects for "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.' The movie, which will premier on Fourth of July weekend 2003, also stars Nick Stahl and Kristanna Loken. Schwarzenegger wasn't working on the film set but there were between 200 and 300 people connected with the movie at SBIA, said T. Milford Harrison, SBIA's executive director.

"Very conservatively, there were 100 pieces of equipment' associated with the movie, Harrison said.

Harrison said what amazed him most from what he saw of the production were the robots.

"They were like transformer toys. They would start out about 5 feet tall and grow to maybe 10 feet.' The "bodies' on the ground were very realistic looking dummies, he said. While the airport has had many film crews on the premises, this one was unique in one regard. For the first time, an SBIA employee was asked to join the production. Steve Grossman, an airport mechanic, was helping the film crew with a stuck door at one of the airport's hangars when a director spotted him and insisted that he become an extra, Harrison said.

"He's a celebrity around here now,' Harrison said.

(September 10th, 2002) Another 2 set reports concerning accidents on the t3 set have been sent into the The Arnold Fans:


On Saturday they were setting up for the big scene where the front of that building gets hit by a crane.

All I know is we hear a crash and glass breaking - people scurrying - then in a moment sirens - fire dept & rescue squad coming down the road and pulling into the set. They work on someone for a few moments then put in the ambulance and tear out code 3 (lights and sirens).

Find out later what happened - something about there was a dummy on the end of the crane (I'm not clear on these details - but Papa Razzi knows) - anyhow the dummy or mannequin prematurely crashed through the window injuring a worker that was inside getting stuff set up. All I know is he was cut up - don't know how bad, but like I said they did leave code 3 which they would not have done if they didn't feel it was serious.

Papa Razzi:

Wanted to bring you up to speed as to where we are and what the latest is. We have been doggedly chasing down all that we can regarding the various shoots. Downey outdoor site wrapped up yesterday - however, we missed a big opportunity chasing a smaller one. We got to the site yesterday bright and early.

We watched them stage the computer building scene and kept a close eye for everyone to start clearing out. The people inside and around the building were thinning out, but not to the extent that T-trix and I expected the action to begin. With no details of what they were going to do and limited range on the telephoto, we could only try and anticipate. Unfortunately when the glass began to break, we were caught off guard. I began immediately filming right afterwards and it became apparent that something had gone wrong. A Downey fire engine and rescue appeared on the scene shortly thereafter. I was able to film them arriving on scene, treating the injured guy and then transporting him out afterwards.

T-trix and I waited to see what was going on right afterwards, however, it appeared that they were taking a break. We speculated that with the action they might be done for the day.

The downside of yesterday is that I ran around Paramount Studios while T-trix went back to the site. She stayed for a couple hours but they looked like they were breaking down equipment for the night. One of the facts I discovered was that about an hour after T-trix left, the started the shoot back up at Downey and proceeded to drive a crane through the glass facade of the building tearing it completely off. We missed the shot. Outside of shooting on the indoor set at Downey, they are all done.

I also found out that Bill Clinton visited Arnold on the Downey last week - would that not have been a picture.

That all for now, but guaranteed, more to come!

And this from Coming soon:

T3: Rise of the Machines wrapped principal photography early yesterday morning, with a late Sunday night shoot on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, which it took five months to get clearance for.

"It was the arrival of the female Terminator, and as you know, they arrive naked," director Jonathan Mostow said. "Because there are so many tourists, the challenge was to shoot that scene with Kristanna Loken without attracting too many lookyloos."

Rodeo Drive's a location coup, but "T3" gained local goodwill by eschewing a Canada shoot and filming completely in L.A. Mostow said the five month shoot finished right on schedule.

(August 28, 2002) This news article comes from cinescape:

Though all involved are very tight-lipped about the nature of the plot, it's revealed that advances in technology have made it easier for creature builder Stan Winston to actually use modern technology to create the kinds of mobile robots only fantasized about when he did the effects on the original Terminator in 1984. Coupled with the advances computer technology has made over the years (starting with the state-of-art morphing effects made famous by T2) - the sky is the limit for what a Terminator film can be, but Mostow is quick to point out you won't be seeing any "bullet-time" Matrix-esque fighting in the film from Arnold. His character remains true to his straight-forward action assault approach.

"T2 was the beginning of digital special effects and whenever there was a big effect, the movie literally stopped so the audience could go 'oooh' and 'Ahhh' as the effect happened," concludes Mostow. "Nowadays that stuff is a dime a dozen. I think audiences frankly are burnt out on people running up on a ceiling and doing triple somersaults. We've seen all that stuff and I'm making the bet that people hopefully just want to go see a story." In addition, T2 ranked VERY HIGH in Cinescape's "25 GREATEST SEQUEELS OF ALL TIME" crushing movies such as "Batman Returns" and "SW: Episode 2". T2 took their 9th spot in the list.

(August 24, 2002) Two more set reports have come into The Arnold Fans. Click on the link to view.

(August 21, 2002) More set reports from The Arnold Fans and Latino Review. Click on the links to check them out.

(August 16, 2002) The Arnold Fans have an exclusive interview with Alana Curry click here to read it.

(August 15, 2002) Over at CHUD.con they have an interview with Schwarzenegger/Mostow clickhere to view the interview.

(August 14, 2002) Another set report comes from Lauri and has been submitted into The Arnold Fans and can be viewed here. Also another interview with Stan Winston has been conducted by

"Stan Winston the visual-effects guru who is creating cyborgs for the upcoming sequel film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines told SCI-FI Wire that he's designing a precursor robot and an advanced one. Terminator 3, we're shooting, Winston said in an interview last week at Comic-Con International in San Diego. I just got off the set at midnight last night. [We were] shooting a scene with the T1's, which are robots that are precursors to the Arnold [Schwarzenegger T-800] robot. We've also created a female called the TX, the Terminatrix, who is about as bad as you can get. You don't want to come up against her. Winston declined to detail the abilities of the newest terminator, except to say I can tell you that you just don't want to come up against her. She will kick your butt. And we had a great time designing her and creating her. And the fact of the matter is there is nothing like the wrath of a female, even if it's a robot. So this is the one. She is bad. She is real bad.

As for technology, Winston said there¹s a vast difference between the upcoming sequel and the previous two Terminator films. Terminator 1, with the use of puppetry and stop-motion animation, we pretended that we had created a robot, Winston said. Over the years we have been advancing our robotic and animatronics technology. [In] Jurassic Park we were creating robotic dinosaurs. So our robotic technology and engineering at Stan Winston Studio is beyond any robotic technology literally in the world. We have advanced beyond aerospace. I have guys that come from aerospace, working for me. Absolutely. We have more points of articulation than any existing robots in our robots. And we have a robot that is a precursor to Arnold, which is called the T1, which is the real deal. We pretended we built robots in the first Terminator. [In] Terminator 3, we built robots. T3 is slated for release in 2003."

(August 8, 2002) Lauri has submitted 18 photos taken from the set of T3 to The Arnold Fans click here to get more info and see the pictures. Also Gentile Giant Studios has obtained T3 licensing rights. They will be producing promotional products for the movie. Even more news and a video from Arnold's birthday on the T3 set click here to download it!

(August 6, 2002) More from Comic Con is coming including a video of Schwarzenegger introducing the the new T3 footage which can be seen right here and also this from

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who reprises his most famous role in the upcoming sequel Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, told SCI-FI Wire that he had no problem slipping back into the part of the T-800 cyborg, even though it's been more than 10 years since the last sequel. "It was like putting on a comfortable shirt," Schwarzenegger said in an interview at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, where Fox previewed exclusive new footage of the upcoming film. "I mean, it's like it always feels great to get back into it again, and I somehow click into the character very quickly."

But the 55-year-old former Mr. Olympia admitted that he had to get back into shape to play himself as he appeared more than a decade ago. "The only thing I ever do is, you know, get going with my training again, because one of the things that you can't hide is when you arrive from the future to the present, ... you arrive naked," he said.

"So you have to have the same body as you had in the first movie or the second movie, because otherwise you're not the same model or the same kind of a robot. So the pressure is on. And [director] Jonathan [Mostow] said, 'I think you'd better gain some weight.' And I look a little slender today, you know? All this pressure [was] put on me. So I started going with the heavy workout again for the last six months. ... I love it. Whenever you have a reason for it, and you say, 'This day we're going to shoot this scene. For this week we're going to shoot these scenes.' In the middle of June or whatever it is. And [it's like] the Mr. Olympia competition is that day, and I'm going to train for that day, so that's what you do. You go on a diet again, and you eat more, and you train more. Instead of training at home, I ended up training in the gym much more, you know, with the guys again. And it was fun...

I'm very fortunate on the set I get enough time to train during lunchtime, because it's very important for me to train twice a day when I train heavier and harder. So we have an hour during lunch, which I take for working out. They have an exercise trailer on the set, where I have a chance to work out."(August 4, 2002) Apparently the T3 trailer/footage has been shown at Comic Con. This report come from Coming Soon:

"It starts out with a shot of a speeding motorcycle. There's a voice over by the new young John Connor. The scene fades to him sitting on a bridge looking rather upset. There's then a barrage of action scenes, cars, and explosions. There next scene is from a cemetery where we see Arnold dressed in his Terminator outfit carrying a coffin on his right shoulder and shooting a shotgun in his other hand. The trailer ends with a shot of Arnie and you can see his Terminator skull. He then says the line: "Desire is irrelevant. I am a machine." It then flashes the logo and "July 2, 2003."

(July 31, 2002) More actors have been added to the cast of T3 and you can see them in the cast list on this page.

(July 29, 2002) It seems that the accidents from the T3 set just don't stop. This comes from Lights Out Entertainment:

"Well, several sources have written in with a bit about a fire on one of the stages at Los Angeles Center Studios. Seems the sound stage had to be evacuated when a set caught fire.

Undeterred, the film crew simply moved to the next stage while the set was being repaired. No one was hurt.

Also, word came in that 2nd Unit shooting in downtown L.A., had a Champion Crane driving THROUGH a building! Sounds awesome!"

(July 26, 2002) Just now Warner Bros. have stated that the recent plot details that were published by the magazine "Planet Movie" are totally false.

"The plot line you describe is absolutely positively off the mark."

There are plot details coming through and images of Nick Stahl as John Connor are over here

The Arnold Fans have posted up images and information from the T3 set.

(July 25, 2002) Here is the first pic of the T-X from the T3 set which was sent in to Counting Down:

More images of the T-X to come!

(July 23, 2002) There has been another accident on the T3 set but thankfully nobody was injured. The details of the accident are as follows:

Seems that another Champion Crane was damaged during a 2nd Unit shoot Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. According to tipsters, the crane "hit a telephone pole/electrical pole, turning the pole into toothpicks!" The Crane has been rigged to do upwards of sixty miles-per-hour for a climactic chase sequence.

(July 16, 2002) Recent rumors that were printed in The National Enquirer about the T3 production being over budget and canceled. This comes from Warner bros. dismissing the rumour:

A story about "T3: Rise of the Machines" that was filled with erroneous statements ran in the National Enquirer yesterday. The pertinent facts are as follows:

The production is currently underway, on schedule and on budget.

The footage that has been filmed looks excellent.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest of the cast and crew are currently working and there was no cessation of work on the set at any time.

(July 10, 2002) Bloody Disgusting had an interview with the Stan Winston and this is what he said.

"1. Something is up with Linda Hamilton's footage, they are very, VERY tight lipped about what role the footage will play and seem to imply it's something surprising.

2. The new trailer, with actual footage from the movie will be hitting theater's within the next two months.

3. There were rumors floating around that there would possibly be a scene in which Arnold would run into another version of himself, and Stan Winston said very sharply, "That will NOT be happening."

4. What I got from him and his staff is that there is a good mix of scenes from the future with real time, lots of twists and turns.

(July 4, 2002) You can now view the Terminator 3 teaser trailer here.

Also in the news we have a new set report and some pictures over at Latino Review.

(July 3, 2002) A couple of people have seen the T3 teaser and have sent in their reports to Corona Productions:

"Description of the trailer: Terminator theme plays throughout the trailer. We see the WB logo melting into a pool of liquid metal. Gradually a giant letter T emerges. Laser blasts carve number 3 into its side. Title card: 'Terminator 3: Rise Of Machines. July 4, 2003'."

"In what may be one of the biggest teases of all time, all that's contained in the Terminator 3 teaser trailer is the Warner Bros. logo is shown, it melts away, and then the Terminator cyborg is then 'built up'. Just thought that might be of interest to you."

"The T3 teaser is very much a teaser (i.e.. no actual footage). Basically just liquid metal dripping on a dark background. The liquid puddles up and slowly rises up into a three-dimensional 'T' shape. Then a 3 is cut into the 'T' shape as if cut by a laser. 'Rise of the Machines' appears at the bottom of the screen."

(July 2, 2002) The running time for the T3 teaser trailer is 1 minute and 10 seconds.

(June 28, 2002) Mark Hicks is the latest to join the cast of T3. Mark will play Detective Martinez.

(June 26, 2002) The latest news from the T3 set comes from Lights Out Entertainment:

"While prepping to shoot a climactic sequence involving a crane-truck rigged to travel at high speed, the rehearsal went awry. The stunt man behind the wheel rolled the two-ton truck! Fortunately, no one was injured. The stunt man was reportedly NOT wearing his seatbelt, but was saved (possibly from death) by the fortified steel roll-cage on the vehicle, and walked away. The stunt unit is reportedly not shooting now while they search for a new crane to use."

(June 24, 2002) A high level source of Corona Productions has informed them that the teaser trailer for T3 will be placed on all prints of MIB 2. As far as the length and scenes included on the teaser are presently unknown.

Also Warner Bros. will be putting up the trailer on their site on the day of the release of MIB 2. The Terminator Fan will also put it on the site for you to watch in Windows Streaming Media.

(June 14, 2002) It appears that Michael Biehn will not be appearing in the next Terminator sequel. This news come from a recent interview with the president of The official Michael Biehn Fan Club Alicia. Michael says:

"No, I am NOT in a cameo in T3. I am in no way involved." Upon hearing his statement Alicia replied with, "I don't think it will be that great anyway." His response was "It's not Jim Cameron, period. And you can quote me on that!"

(June 12, 2002) In a recent interview with Cinescape Stan Winston talks more about Terminator 3:

Arnold s is back. The Terminator is back. We re back and we re doing some things that are going to be pretty wonderful. Those were the words from Saturn Award winning creature and puppet designer Stan Winston when he talked to us at the 28th annual Saturn Awards about returning to the TERMINATOR series with TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES. Winston was one of the stars make almost 20 years ago with his work on James Cameron's first TERMINATOR movie.

Everything we re doing is new. It s far beyond what we we've seen before, Winston teased, just before picking up his award for the effects work on A.I. There is a new terminator, a female. There are terminators which are pre-Arnold [Schwarzenegger] there s a lot to see. Jonathan Mostow is doing a wonderful job directing.>/p>

Winston also had a few things to say about Kristanna Loken, who s playing the first female Terminator, the T-X. Kristanna is wonderful. She s scary, she s intense, she s perfect for the role, Winston said. She s brought a female version of what Robert Patrick brought to his role [as the T-1000] in TERMINATOR 2.

He then went on to tease what fans will see when the film hits theaters next year.

In TERMINATOR we pretended to create a robot, Winston said. In TERMINATOR 3 we really have./p>

Also in the news is that Mark Famiglietti is the latest member to be cast in Terminator 3.

(June 7, 2002) In a scoop sent into Corona Productions it appears that the makers of a well known Austrian sweet have paid for a product placement in Terminator 3. It will appear in a scene where The Terminator walks into a 7-11 and picks up bacon and Manner crisps and leaves without paying. The owner of the store does not make a move to stop the cyborg.

(June 4, 2002) Even more pictures are coming in:

After The Terminator has Sarah's coffin, he busts through a stained-glass window and walks out with the coffin in arm. Awaiting him are dozens of cops and SWAT teams all ready to fire. "Fire in the hole!"

These pictures were submitted into The Globe.

(June 2, 2002) Here are some exclusive pictures taken by News of the World

The picture depicts The Terminator holding a casket which supposedly contains Sarah Connor's corps.

(May 25, 2002) EBay have the first promotional item to bid on from T3. It is a film crew shirt. To bid click here now.

Also in T3 news today from Light out:

"A number of tipsters have contacted me this morning with news that the crew of Rise of the Machines have taken over a section of Lankershim Boulevard in the "NoHo Art's District" of glorious (Ugh) North Hollywood. I'm told that they were doing take after take of the TX (or Terminatrix as I like to call her) driving Northbound on Lankershim in one of those sexy new Lexus convertibles. This is all taking place somewhere near the intersection of Lankershim and Magnolia Blvd. The crew are wearing badges that say "York Square," as was leaked to us month's ago. Big shows like this always attempt to use code names to throw off the public. It didn't work on The Burly Man (The Matrix Reloaded), and it won't work here, either."

(May 20, 2002) The Arnold Fans have an interview with Stan Winston the creator of mechanical and special effects for The Terminator movies

(May 19, 2002) Access Hollywood will be behind the scenes on the T3 set on Wednesday. Don't forget to watch it!

(May 17, 2002) The official site for Terminator 3 has been launched by Warner Bros.

More set reports are filtering in from The Arnold Fans, CHUD, Coming Soon and Dark Horizons

(May 15, 2002) Interviews and pics from the set of T3. First of some pictures from Latino Review and T3 interviews from Counting Down

(May 8, 2002) have posted as what appears to be a teaser poster for T3. But reports from WB have said that the poster is a fake and point out to the miss spelling of words such as Judgment and Connor

(May 7, 2002) Variety reports actress Claire Danes has replaced Sophia Bush in the lead female role in T3. "This was a difficult decision because Sophia is a talented and charismatic performer. However, we feel, after reviewing the dailies, that her appearance and manner play younger than what we wanted for the role. We look forward to working with Sophia on future projects," Jonathan Mostow said.

(May 4, 2002) Michael Behn will reprise his role in T3, reports Dark Horizons

"Michael Biehn is in Capetown working on a film and in a talk with CCFM apparently indicated he's got a cameo in T3. When asked "Didn't Your Character Die?" He supposedly replied "you go away, you think about it...and you'll realize there's a place for Kyle Reese in this movie. As minute as it will be".

(May 2, 2002) There is a new addition to the T3 crew reports

"Neil Travis has signed on to edit Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the sequel to 1984's "Terminator" and 1991's "T2: Judgment Day." Jonathan Mostow ("U-571," "Breakdown") will direct the film on a budget of about $170 million.

Travis' other credits include "Dances with Wolves," for which he won the Academy Award and ACE Eddie Award in 1991, as well as "Cujo," "Cocktail," "Outbreak," "Moll Flanders," "The Edge," "Along Came a Spider" and the TV mini-series "Roots." He also edited "Patriot Games" and "Clear and Preset Danger," based on the novels by Tom Clancy, and recently finished editing the fourth film in that series, "The Sum of All Fears," which opens May 31."

(May 2, 2002) Here is another set report from T3. They just keep coming in don't they. This one was sent into Latino Review.

"Kellvin, I stopped by the T3 set again last night and this time, I was determined to snap a picture of the Terminatrix. I missed my opportunity last time, but I wasn't gonna be denied again. Let me first tell you what I think was going on.

They had a number of uniformed pigs Cops to the lay Catholics) and Firemen extras. I could tell they weren't real cops, cause the real cops were all warm in their heavy jackets, while the extras were freezing their white asses off in short sleeve unit's! The extras-Firemen had black jackets with yellow stripes while the real Firemen had all Yellow and Dingy looking jackets. Probably from fighting real fires. Just a guess though.

I did manage to take a couple pictures of the truck/Lexus wreckage. Poor, poor Lexus.

I snapped a couple pictures of what looked like the Terminatrix, but after a while, it appeared that it was only her body double wrapped in a jacket. It was pretty obvious it was body double when she started talking and hanging out with Arnold's body double.

(May 1, 2002) Here is the latest from the set of T3 sent in by DirtyBird into The Arnold Fans.


Dirty Bird here again, just got back from Tujunga, but we did not get to see any filming! The security guard who was patrolling the sets said that it turns out, that their filming week is not Monday-Friday like most work schedules, but Sunday to Thursday, so when we got there Friday, nobody was there! But he DID give us some useful information. He told us that this upcoming week that they would be shooting some follow up scenes to the explosion, with police arriving, so my hunch is to expect to see more gunfire possibly this week? Also, if you want to get there to watch them set up, go at about 6. We are going back up there Sunday, probably. Hopefully we will have more info.


Just got back from Tujunga. This is what I have for you, some good stuff, and unfortunately some bad stuff too. With some minor film spoilers. We got there a little after 6, so it was right as they were setting up. At this point they were still letting people walk right up near the set, but my camera is too big and bulky so I could not get any pictures from up close. I did get a good view of the smashed up Lexus though. The poor thing is messed up pretty bad on it's whole right side from the scene where the blue truck that we saw hits the Lexus just as it is going into the wall for the big explosion It looks like they're finding creative ways to spend their $170 million!

We only stayed for about 2-3 hours, the scenes that we saw being shot there looked to be follow-up scenes of the explosion. There were lots of extras as firemen running about and they filled the animal hospital up with smoke to make it look as if it were on fire from the inside. The set the smashed up Lexus on fire too. Very cool stuff. But unfortunately, Arn was not there that day... I did not see anything of the TX either...but I did see her stand-in.

Before they started shooting, we were talking to the security guard up close to the set. He said that from what he had seen, that the cinematography on this movie was going to be done real well. Almost all the shots that they were doing had 3 cameras going at once, where nearly all the movies he had worked on the set before usually only had 2. By the time they had started shooting in Tujunga, according to him, the crew was very happy because they were a few days ahead of schedule and under their budget. He knows all this stuff because he is working security for the entire A crew (I think is what he called it) which is with a lot of the stars and such.

During the filming I overheard a lady standing next to us, talking with one of her friends saying how her sister lives within 500 feet of the set, so by law the filmmakers had to send them a memo telling them what they were going to shoot, if it involved explosives and such, so they would know what to expect. She said that her sister got a memo saying that this week they were going to shoot a climactic take in which the TX steals a fire truck, and Arn swings onto the side of it and knocks the fire truck over! That would be filmed this week, possibly. But I would take it with a grain of salt, as I could tell that this woman certainly was not the brightest bulb in the basket. She did not even know who directed the 1st two terminator movies!

If they DO shoot that scene, it may not be this week, as when we talked to a lighting rig truck driver, he said that they will probably come back to the set sometime in May with the B crew, which is compromised mainly of stuntmen, the crew that does more of the exciting stuff, like stunts and stuff. The A crew is mainly for establishing shots he said, which isn't quite as exciting, but all the stars are there. I think the whole fire truck scene, if it is true will be filmed during this time period.

OK, now for the REALLY great news. I actually got a glimpse, albeit I don't think I was supposed to of about 5 seconds of actually shot footage from T3! Before they were starting to clear the set of visitors like myself, I saw some guy on with these 2 monitor screens set up on the sidewalk, it looked as if he was prepping them for editing or something. The right screen was still blue, but as I looked when I saw him tinkering with the left screen, the shot footage from the footage taken last week with the truck slamming into the building making the huge explosion came up! It looked like this was what they were going to use in the film, and lemme tell you, it looked fantastic! The explosion was HUUUGGGGEEE (as huge as it could be on the itty bitty screen I saw it on) and it took up the whole screen, I can't wait to see what it looks like in theaters!

So there you have it. Some REALLY cool stuff. I believe that things are going to be alright. It goes to show you how far simply asking questions to some lonely security guards on a movie set can get you. Sorry I did not get any pics of them filming, I just simply could not get a very good angle"

Here are 2 picture from the set

(April 28, 2002) Mikki has sent in a report about a new T3 set being built into Latino Review, and also a couple of pictures.

"I was visiting my Great Grand Mothers grave the other day, and I was shocked to see what was going on there. At first, it looked like they were doing some upgrades on the little Chapel that's on the grounds, but noticing the security, and the type of construction going on, I knew they were building a set. I asked around and was told that they were going to be filming a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a few weeks.

Of course I was excited to hear about it and immediately thought about letting you guys know, but after a while, I felt that my Abuela would be hating all these people and noise around. So, I'm going to lodge a complaint with the cemetery. I would tell you what cemetery, but I am afraid of having more people come around and bothering those who have passed on.

I did take some photos for you even though I am not happy about the construction, because I believe in what you guys are tyring to do.


Click here for the pictures. Also some news just in Arnold Movies have received a e-mail containing the official ending for T3. Major spoilers ahead!!

"I know some rare info for T3. I know that Arnold dies towards the end and John Connor kills the TX itself, also that picture that you have on your web site with Arnie standing near the van with the fire, in that scene there is a car chase near a steal works and there get hit in the rear by the TX smashing Arnie in to the steel pole. Then he gets out and the TX is gone leaving John Connors where bouts unknown"

The above statement may not be true but we will all find out next year when the movie comes out

(April 26, 2002) Some more pictures from the T3 set have arrived.

A shot of everyone getting ready for the shot. There's fire burning off all over the place.

Someone getting some make-up.

The beginning of Arnie blasting his way from the left of the screen to the right. You can see the smoke blasting out from the shotgun barrel.

Arnie being tracked by the camera crane. The blasts were pretty loud. You could hear Arnie yelling one of his trademark lines before the firing started. He was yelling "Get Down!" and "Get out of here!".

Arnie has walked off the screen to the right. He's still being tracked by the camera and he's still blasting away.

Arnie walking back to the truck. You can see the United Rental building in the background and the Neon Lights of the Animal Hospital on the Right. The building that was blown up is directly on the other side of the Animal Hospital.

Hopefully there will be more from the set of T3 soon.

(April 25, 2002) Pics and news from the set of T3 today.

The first official picture from the T3 set released by Warner Bros.

This is a blurry picture from the T3 set.

Loken is looking good on the set

The 22nd of April was Arnold's actual first day of filming and the other times were all make up tests and so on.

Also here is an eyewitness report from the set of T3 submitted into Corona Productions

"Well, what a shock the other night when I couldn't drive up to the store in a straight shot because the stretch of street was blocked off to film something, and it was BIG. Four story high cranes with stadium lights hanging over like dinosaurs.

Buzz was that Arnold was flying by helicopter any minute to film a scene on this inconspicuous corner in this inconspicuous town named Tujunga, fifteen minutes from Glendale (CA). The erected set is this grimy veterinarian hospital and rental (?) place, and will be torn down soon before anyone can get descent pics. Or blown up. So, there's a vet hospital and an explosion. Oh, and Arnold."

[Sent in by the lucky Iris.]

(April 20, 2002) Some light hearted news from the set of T3. It appears that Arnold come onto the set in what appeared to be a rampage and threw his Terminator shades on the ground and stomped on them.

The workers on the T3 set were relieved when they learned that this is a tradition for Arnold for luck that dates back to the first Terminator movie.

In other Terminator rumours reported on Smallville News it has been rumoured the Michael Rosenbaun has been offered a cameo appearance in Terminator 3. The producers of the Terminator series enjoyed Michael in Sorority Boys that they offered him a cameo appearance. They wanted to cast Michael in this trilogy but they had the cast already made, so they just gave him this cameo spot.

(April 13, 2002) Cameras have rolled for Terminator 3! They started on April 8th, Access Hollywood reports.

(April 6, 2002) Sophia Bush has won the role of Kate Miller. Kate is a young medical student who teams up with John Connor in T3. Hollywood reporter reports that the plot will take place ten years after T2.

Also Nick Stahl says that about his audition for T3,"It was a long audition process." He also says that the film will keep him busy for 6 months at least. Also in the audition process he was asked to read monologues instead of the actual script. Nick is now in physical training for the role of John Connor.

(March 26, 2002) Nick Stahl has now been now confirmed to portray the adult John Connor in T3. He will be replacing Edward Furlong who was John Connor in T2.

Nick Stahl

Coming Soon reports that the release date for T3 will be July 2, 2003

(March 23, 2002) A scoop submitted to Corona says that actress Kristanna Loken is training for her role as the Terminatrix at Los Angeles' Krav Maga National Training Centre on Olympic Boulevard.

Also has posted a call for photo look a likes for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kristanna Loken characters and also extras. For more info visit their site

(March 20, 2002) Coming Soon reports that Claire Forlani might soon be announced to play along side Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 3. She hinted to MTV Europe that she may play a medical student named Kate. She also said that it was a 'Futuristic' movie.

(March 16, 2002) E online reports that Shane West is the front runner for the role of John Connor

(March 9, 2002) Stan Winston is now confirmed to produce the makeup and animatronics for T3.

I'm incredibly excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with a legend like Stan as well as his amazing team," director Jonathan Mostow told the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. "It's one of the tremendous perks of working on this franchise."

Also Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking a massive $8.4 million pay cut so that T3 can be filmed just in Los Angeles and not partly in Canada

(February 27, 2002) Film Jerk have published 2 pages from the T3 script used to cast people for the role of John Connor. The dialogue is exchanged by John and someone named Susan. Here it is below


The utility van speeds along the lonely road.


Connor and Susan are alone in the rear compartment, a metal partition separates them from the driver's cab. They sit facing each other, the spilled bag of groceries between them.


There are people who care about me, they're going to be looking for me. I-- what is it you people want?


That's kind of hard to explain.


Who is he, where did he come from?


can't think of anything but the truth. Why not:


He's a robot. From the future.


stares at him like he's insane. He forges on:

CONNOR (cont'd)

Living tissue. Over a metal skeleton. Sent back in time to, to...


Go to hell.


sighs, starting to regret his decision to get in back with her. He picks a small package out of the scattered contents of the bag and holds it out to her.




I'm a vegetarian.


tries to talk as sincerely as possible.


I can't expect someone like you to understand this--


What's that supposed to mean?


I mean, someone normal. Someone sane.

(quietly, in earnest)

Just... the life you know-- all the stuff you take for granted-- it's not going to last...


heaves a deep sigh. He's talking as much to himself as to SUSAN.

CONNOR (cont'd)

Imagine someone tells you that you're gonna save the world. The bad news is, first it all goes to hell-- Armageddon, billions die... If it doesn't happen, your life is pointless. If it does-- and you didn't stop it-- it's all your fault. And... what if you're just not good enough?


What are you talking about?


I don't know. Fate, I guess. My own... everybody's.


stares at him for a beat.


This is about drugs, isn't it.


regards her for a thoughtful beat.


Maybe we're better off not talking. He tears off a piece of the meat with his teeth. Suddenly, he notices something out the rear window. He leaps to his feet, peers out anxiously.

SUSAN (alarmed)

What is it?


Get down. Don't let them see you.




Get down! Now! They hear the sound of SIRENS.


That's the cops! You can't keep me in here.


Do you want to get killed? Stay down.


Fuck you. You're the one who got me into this.


Christ-- don't you get it? I'm trying to save your life.

(February 21, 2002) Hollywood Reporter reports some casting news on T3. It appears that 22-year-old Kristanna Loken has won the role of the Terminatrix.

Kristanna Loken

(February 17, 2002) It has now been officially confirmed that Terminator 3 will not be shooting in Canada but entirely in the US. The reason for this is that there is suddenly a free up of stages in the Los Angeles area and it is not because of pressure made by Schwarzenegger to move the filming of T3.

(February 15, 2002) Corona Productions reports some interesting news on T3. T3 production has secured land across from general motors place stadium which borders a waterfront area across the stadium.

But in a conflicting report also posted on the Corona website. It says that Arnie does not want to film in Canada because he may be running for governor and doesn't want a large scale production being filmed out of the states. He has also agreed to take a pay cut because of this.

(February 9, 2002) The Arnold Fans caught up with Stan Winston and Lance Henriksen for the premiere of Arnold Schwarzenegger's new movie Collateral Damage. Stan Winston confirms his involvement in T3 and Lance Henriksen hints that he may return for T3. He also says that Jim Cameron had a helping hand in the making of T3.

(February 7, 2002) 13th street reports that location scouts for T3 have been reported seen in the town of Prince George, British Columbia. It also says that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the location scouts.

(February 1, 2002) In a recent interview with Vladimir Spasojevic, who is a senior illustrator on T3 storyboards he says that pre-production on T3 started on December 19, 2001. There will be around 800 CGI shots in T3. Also the female Terminator will be made of ions.

In an anonymous e-mail sent to Corona Productions it says that Stan Winston has not yet acquired the rights to do the cyborgs for T3

(January 27, 2002) Latino Review had an interview with Arnold and Arnold says that Linda Hamilton will be appearing in T3 but in flash backs. Also a that it has not been decided who will play John Connor.

(January 26, 2002) A few minutes ago on Entertainment Tonight there was an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He says that in T3 he is both a bad and good Terminator in the movie and filming starts April 15.

(January 15, 2002) Actor Benjamin Curtis auditioned for a role in Terminator 3. The role which he auditioned for was undisclosed. Originally reported in the wall street journal.

It is reported that ILM is going to create the awesome special effects that will be featured in Terminator 3.

Terminator 3 will be shot in Los Angeles for 8 weeks and then it will be moved to Vancouver, Canada for 14 weeks.

(January 4, 2002) Columbia/Tri-Star has landed nearly all of the international distribution rights for T3. Japan and Korea have already had the film distribution rights sold to other parties. Also some other European Countries have been excluded from the deal.

Also now the female Terminator is now to be referred to as "TX" model cyborg. (Originally reported in Variety)

(January 1, 2002) Originally reported on cinescape:

Gale Ann Hurd co-writer and producer for T1 and producer for T2 talks to CINESCAPE's Scott Collura, Hurd gave a thumbs up, of sorts, to the film, saying, "I haven't read the script. I wish them the best. I hope they take the franchise to the new level."

She adds, "When Jim [Cameron] and I realized that this was going to go forward without our involvement I think [we] mourned then, and now we're over it."

(December 28, 2001) A report aired on CBC radio In Canada saying that T3 will be shooting there next year

(December 17, 2001) Warner bros. have posted casting call for T3. Here it is:

Connor: The character is now in his early 20's, a haunted and reluctant hero not trusting that everything has been set right.

Kate: Same age as John, a medical professional of some kind that's warm, physical and smart - one who can hold her own with the guys

T-X-: Female in her 20's, the new Terminator whose sexy, composed and deadly. Actress requires demonstratable athletic skill. No details as to the character itself or its capabilities.

Brewster: A scientific-background military man in his 40's/50's - a thoughtful, strong leader who has earned the respect of those around him

Scott: Mid-20s/Early-30s young man with good looks, charm and attempting to make a stable future for him and his fiancée.

Also it does not seem to be that Edward Furlong will reprise the role of John Connor.

(December 11, 2001)Warner Bros. have picked up the domestic distribution and video rights for T3. Even better news is that they are planning to make even more Terminator movies. I heard on the Today Show in Australia that they should be filming T3 in Queensland, Australia.

(December 3, 2001) Some more exiting news on Terminator 3. It seems that T3 will start shooting in April and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jonathan Mostows contracts are being finalised. Intermedia the company that will be financing Terminator 3 says that it could cost up to $180 million and that they plan to release T3 on July 4 2003.

(November 20, 2001) It looks like Terminator 3 will start shooting sometime in the middle of 2002. A few days ago investors met to discuss the financing of the movie. Intermedia the chief investor of the film will be ponying up $160 million dollars. Intermedia is also seeking co-partnership between Sony pictures and universal pictures.

(October 22, 2001) Linda Hamilton and James Cameron will not be returning for Terminator 3. Linda's reasons for not returning are that she had read the script and doesn't feel that there is any new direction for her character Sarah Connor.