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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


Genre: Action/Science Fiction/Sequel.

Studio: Warner Bros.

Production Company: C-2 Pictures

Project Phase: Post Production

Release Date: US: July 2nd 2003, Japan: July 12th 2003, UK: August 1st 2003

Official Site:


Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator (T-800)

Nick Stahl as John Connor

Kristanna Loken as the Terminatrix (T-X)

Claire Danes as Kate Brewster

Mark Hicks as Detective Martinez

Alana Currs as Bill's Girlfriend

Timothy Dowling as Stevens

Jerry Katell as CRS Executive

Brian Sites as Bill Anderson

Mark Famiglietti as Scott Peterson

Eric Ritter as MP #1


Jonathan Mostow (Director)

John Brancato

Michael Ferris, Tedi Sarafian (Screenwriters)

Mario Kassar Andrew G. Vajna, Hal Lieberman (Producers)

Stan Winston (Terminator makeup and special effects)

Don Burgess (Director of Photography)

April Perry (Costumes)

Jeff Mann (Production Designer)

Jeff Dawn (Make-up)

Pablo Helman (Visual FX Supervisor)


A decade after Skynet sent back the T-1000, John Connor faces a female Terminator, the T-X, with power over all machines. But John has another protector: a new T-800 unit Terminator is sent back through time to help guide John through the coming battle.

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(March 12th, 2003) NECA have some fantastic new T3 merchandise so check it out. Also Latino Review have received what could be the official theatrical poster.

(March 12th, 2003) The next trailer for T3 will be released on May 15th with The Matrix Reloaded.

Get over to for your T3 winamp skins and official website badges.

Tech Com Forces (formally known as SkynetSite) has the Access Hollywood sneak peak of T3 for download.

(February 27th, 2003) From Counting Down:

Canadian Business reports that Maya, 3-D animation software developed by Alias-Wavefront, is being used for SFX work on Terminator 3. The company won an Oscar in the 2002 science and technical awards.

Maya's handiwork was seen when Spider-Man was web-slinging through the streets of New York, or when Star Wars clone armies battled killer droids in Episode 2.

Maya allows design teams to manage a project's work flow -- the pipeline, as it's called --through its many stages, all in one standardized environment. While the software program came with a lot of bells and whistles (such as fluid effects for water), one of its most important innovations was that it could easily be customized. Programmers can pop open Maya's virtual hood and soup up its inner workings. Often, that means plugging in proprietary programs -- or importing work done using one of Maya's competitors.

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), George Lucas's visual effects house, generally uses Softimage3D to animate characters. Maya is used for anything that's affected by the laws of nature. In The Perfect Storm, for instance, Maya created the towering waves that battered the Andrea Gail.

On the New T1 DVD that will be released with the upcoming Terminator 3 you will get $3 of the purchase of the DVD if you see T3 on the opening weekend. Also has released version 2 of their toolkit, so for all those budding artists out there download it NOW!

Also from The Arnold Fans have news on some Terminator 3 toys and collectibles.

(February 9th, 2003) This follow-up on the possibility of a T3 animated series comes from The Arnold Fans:

Thank you for your enthusiasm regarding T3: Animated. All that I can tell you about the project is that I was commissioned to do the artwork back in April, as the T3 camp are entertaining the idea of developing a cartoon based on the franchise. Other than that I have no idea how things have progressed. I would love to have a T3 cartoon as much as you would. Unfortunately, Iım kind of out of the loop until if and when more artwork is required.

Counting Down has news of a possible Terminator 3 animated series:

There isn't a whole lot I can say about Terminator 3. Basically, Eric was commissioned to do a presentation piece for the T3 people as they are currently entertaining the idea of doing a cartoon. There are no buyers yet, no bible, no scripts. They're just exploring the idea of "hey, wouldn't it be cool to make a cartoon of this stuff." So things are in the VERY early stages of development. It seems with a lot of the big movies, studios are always looking to exploit it anyway they can. I have heard that several networks have expressed an interest in making the cartoon.

From The Arnold Fans comes news that Schwarzenegger had shoulder surgery from an accident on the T3 set.

Santa Monica, CA ­ January 30, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger was released from St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica today after having surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Orthopedic Specialists Dr. Kevin M. Ehrhart and Dr. Bert Mandelbaum treated Mr. Schwarzenegger, who was admitted to the hospital for surgery yesterday, January 29, 2003.

The injury to his left shoulder was sustained while filming a stunt on the set of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Schwarzenegger opted not have his shoulder operated on at that time because he did not want to hold up the production schedule.

Mr. Schwarzenegger left the hospital feeling great and in very good spirits this morning. Although he will most likely be wearing a shoulder immobilizer (a tight sling) for 3 to 4 weeks, the Terminator will not cancel his previously scheduled commitments to after school programs, including a multi-state tour for his Inner-City Games Foundation next week.

After School programs are something that Schwarzenegger has been involved in and passionate about for over a decade. Mr. Schwarzenegger is the National Chairman of the Inner-City Games Foundation, which has local chapters in fifteen cities and reaches over 250,000 kids across the country. Through ICG, Schwarzenegger has personally worked with teachers, administrators and local officials to create quality, year-round, after school opportunities for under-privileged children in education, cultural and community enrichment programs as well as computers and sports. Most recently Schwarzenegger was the sponsor of Proposition 49, a successful ballot initiative for after school program funding for the State of California.

The Terminator looks forward to returning to his full regiment of athletic activities and stunts. "I am feeling great," said Schwarzenegger. "I am very fortunate to have had such fantastic surgeons at St. John's work on my shoulder."

(January 28th, 2003) T3Nexus has more good news for Terminator fans. It looks like there is more evidence that T3 will get an R rating. Go there NOW for more info!

(January 26th, 2003) These next 2 movie clips come from Skynet Site:

Click here for a preview of the new T3 ad shown on Access Hollywood.

Click here to see Claire Danes on the Conan O'brian show.

(January 21st, 2003) First of all sorry for not updating for so long been a bit busy lately. Anyway this is the latest T3 news.

Could any filmmaker who isn't James Cameron ever be prepared for the challenge of reviving the ultimate action franchise? Click here to read more.

Be watching the super bowl on January 26th because the Terminator will make an appearance before the opening of the super bowl. And just a reminder Warner Bros. will be showing a new 30 second TV spot during the superbow.

Head over to T3 Nexus for some photos of the new T3 footage shown at the LA Auto Show.

The Arnold Fans reports that at the FX show in Florida the T3 head knockers were released, they will have Arnold's likeness 100% and there will also be a TX head knocker.

(January 15th, 2003) T3nexus went to the LA Auto Show to see the New T3 Toyota Tundra and got quite a surprise when the T3 Trailer was shown with new fottage edited in. Go to T3nexus NOW for more info!

The R2 Project recieved a rumor from a reliable source that the T3 DVD should be coming out in December. Hopefully with lots of extras :).

(January 8th, 2003) Latin Review has some images of the new Toyota Tundra "T3" edition. Arnold Schwarzenegger went to the show to check out the car on Monday. Only 800 were made and will be on sale starting in July. This is the truck that Arnie steals from the veterinarian hospital in the movie and is the predominant vehicle in the massive car chase. have put up a article that appeared in Total Film Magazine.

Also in T3 news, Guns N' Roses are in talks to have a song from their album "Chinese Democracy" be included in the soundtrack to T3. Click here for more info

The Arnold Fans conducted an interview with the parents of the T3's T-X, Kristanna Loken. Click on the link above for the interview.

(January 4th, 2003) bring you ET's coverage of T3. So if you missed it click here to download it.

Don't miss ET's coverage of T3. ET will go behind the scenes of T3 on tonights ET with an interview with the T-X. Also here is a interview with Claire Danes about how she got her role in T3.

Also in T3 news come 2 new images from T3:

Source: Latino Review

Source: Latino Review

(December 31th, 2002) Film Jerk have confirmed from WB that the next advertisement for Terminator 3 will be shown at the super bowl. This advertisement will be different then to the ones that have already been shown.

Next up is an interview with Claire Danes which comes from Undergroumnd Online

DE: How was shooting Terminator 3?

CD: Different from The Hours [laughs]. It was good. I had a blast. I never did a genre of that kind and on that scale. I was pretty overwhelmed. I play Kate Miller. She's a veterinarian and she's engaged to kind of a conservative kind of guy, and the Terminator abducts her. John Connor comes to save her and adventures unfold.

DE: Did you emulate Sigourney Weaver in Aliens?

CD: I do have awesome lines. But I'm sworn to secrecy. I'm pretty impressive in it.

DE: Who was more threatening to work with: The exoskeleton, or Meryl?

CD: The skeleton. In Terminator, I played most of my scenes to a piece of yellow tape in front of a green screen. When audiences first see the movie, that will be the first time I've seen in it. The director, Jonathan Mostow, is a really good action director. He understands suspense and tension. It's going to be a really cool, fast chase.

DE: Would you do another Terminator movie?

CD: Well, I'm contracted to. I don't know if I'm going to make it a habit to pursue all the franchises, but I really loved doing as many different kinds of movies as possible. I haven't been too stereotyped and I'm grateful for that.

(December 28th, 2002) From MTV comes this interview with Cameron, Schwarzenegger and Loken:

He's the one who said "I'll be back," so maybe it makes sense that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only major part of the "Terminator" team returning for part three.

"Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" recently wrapped with Arnie in the title role, but Edward Furlong, Linda Hamilton and series creator James Cameron were nowhere to be found. In their place, Nick Stahl, Claire Danes, "Terminatrix" Kristanna Loken and "U-571" director Jonathan Mostow hope to breathe fresh life into the aging futuristic franchise.

" 'Terminator' was created by Jim Cameron, so then to do a movie now without him, in the beginning it felt kind of like, 'Where's Jim?,' " a makeup-covered Schwarzenegger admitted on the set between cigar puffs.

"I made that decision [not to be involved] a long time ago," Cameron said recently. "Really it was when I was in post-production on 'Titanic,' I said, 'Guys, I don't want to do this.' But Arnold kept kind of hanging on, wanting me, trying to reel me in. Because we are friends and he really wanted that continuity. And finally I just said, 'You know, dude, just go make this. You were born to go play this guy, and I just don't feel it. I've told the story that I wanted to tell. If they can come up with a good script and they pay you a lot of money, don't think twice.' So we're still on great terms."

Schwarzenegger reportedly received a paycheck of close to $30 million for his trouble.

"It's funny, you know, there's a part of me that kind of hopes it sucks," Cameron admitted. "But Arnold is one of my best friends, and so for him I really want it to be good. And also, you just want it to be good because you want it to continue the line."

Schwarzenegger had nothing but praise for the "total control" and leadership Mostow displayed on the "T3" set. He's similarly enthusiastic about "In the Bedroom" actor Stahl, who stepped in for Furlong as fledgling human resistance leader John Connor (see " 'Terminator 3''s Nick Stahl Cautiously Talks About Sci-Fi Sequel"), and Loken, who plays yet another model of Terminator sent back in time to kill Connor.

"I don't work that much with her, other than just trying to destroy her and her trying to destroy me," Schwarzenegger said of the actress. "So the only time we ever get together on the set is when we throw each other through the air and through bathrooms and walls. Or we throw each other off the buildings, or try to crush each other with helicopters and with airplanes. Or she's trying to destroy me with some huge machinery or with a huge crane or something like that. ... We never speak one word to each other. She just wants to eliminate me, I'm in her way, I try to eliminate her, so there's this adversarial relationship from the beginning to the end."

"There's a lot of things that we've done that haven't been done before on just a really large scope," Loken explained. "My model [is] more advanced than Robert Patrick's [from 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'] and Arnold, so I can do even other things that they couldn't and also use my femininity as another trait to get what I want."

But just because Schwarzenegger is battling a Terminatrix out to kill John Connor doesn't necessarily mean he's one of the good guys.

"It is the same model, but it is a different character," Schwarzenegger emphasized, "which has to be again programmed for certain things — not to kill human beings, or to kill human beings, to destroy the T-X, or not to go after [her]. All those kind of things, and there's also very interesting surprises in the film where sometimes you don't know, because I do turn evil in the film, and then again I turn good, and there's all kinds of twists like that.

"It feels great to play the Terminator again," he continued. "You feel like you're doing something that not only pleases you, but it also pleases [the fans]. ... There's not one single interview that I've done in the past 10 years where I've promoted any of my films ... [in which] people didn't come up to me and say, 'When are you gonna do another "Terminator"?' That's the first question I get."

(December 25th, 2002) BBC have gone behind the scenes of T3. So click here to take a look. WARNING! These clips do contain spoilers, but they are a must watch.

(December 22th, 2002) The UK release date for T3 has now been changed from July 2nd to August 1st. has an interview with Linda Hamilton and why she is not involved in T3

After battling unstoppable cyborg assassins twice, Linda Hamilton won't be back.

The 46-year-old actress bowed out of reprising her role as waitress-turned-world-savior Sarah Conner in next summer's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. "(The script) just didn't take Sarah Connor anywhere," Hamilton tells the Sun from Los Angeles.

"Of course, that script I read was several years ago and I'm sure it was reworked mightily because Sarah's not in it anymore, but it just didn't have the soul that the others did. Despite all the action of the Terminator movies, they were actually pretty high-minded.

"There was really a message there about the human condition, and Terminator 3 had no regard for human life whatsoever."

Those who have seen the recently released T3: Rise of the Machines trailer -- featuring, again, a gun-toting, sunglasses-donning Arnold Schwarzenegger protecting a grown-up John Connor from a female terminator sent back from the future -- would probably agree Hamilton's decision to bow out of the follow-up was the correct one. It's a hodgepodge of underwhelming action sequences and bad dialogue that looks like warmed-over T2.

That T3 looks like a dud shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering Terminator creator -- and Hamilton's ex-husband and Canadian Oscar-winner James Cameron -- had nothing to do with the third film.

Click here to read the rest of the article

(December 18th, 2002) The T3 Trailer is now online. Also if you missed the T3 coverage by Access Hollywood then The Arnold Fans have it for you to download. So click here NOW to download.

Also Just in case you did miss the ET interview with Arnold. Then The Arnold Fans have got the ET coverage of T3 for download. So click here to watch.

The T3 trailer can be downloaded from from 6:30 P.M. PST and ofcourse it can also be downloaded from the site that you are on right now The Terminator Fan

(December 17th, 2002) I hope most of you Terminator Fans out there watched the ET coverage of T3. This is a transcript of the interview:

When he said, "I'll be back," he wasn't kidding: the mighty ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is reprising his signature role as the Terminator in the third installment of the apocalyptic franchise, 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,' and only ET's JANN CARL is on the set with Ah-nuld!

It's a visual feast, this movie, from the beginning to the end," Arnold tells Jann. "It ties together the other movies, an ongoing saga of the machines wanting to take over: the Rise of the Machines."

As with 1991's 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day,' Arnold's good Terminator returns to protect John Connor (played by 'In the Bedroom' star NICK STAHL), now a young adult, from a new baddie Terminator -- the female T-X (newcomer KRISTANNA LOKEN)!

I think that the audience will really be blown away when they see the film," says Arnold, "and blown away by the T-X, the female Terminator, because she's an extraordinary-looking woman -- she's sexy, but at the same time she's a machine, so she plays up the sexy part when she needs to but quickly can snap back into the machine and be very destructive."

Seeing as the first Terminator exploded into theaters in 1984, Arnold was determined to get into fighting shape to reprise his role, not only to look fit, but also because he's gotta look good naked!

"I train pretty much every day, especially when you do a film like this, because when I arrive from the future back to the present time, it's always naked," he explains. "People remember what I looked like in 1984 when we did the movie, and since it's exactly the same mold and the same Terminator, you have to have the same exact body."

Arnold's family is also getting in on the fun of this mega project, especially his 4-year-old son. "He goes into the makeup trailer and he wants to get made up like me," says Arnold. "He wants to have scars, so my kids get scars all over. Our makeup department is very kind, they put scars on them and all kinds of different appliances on their face and then they take that home to their mother."

(December 15th, 2002) A very small interview with Claire Danes comes from NY Post:

She'll be back EDDIE Furlong isn't in "Terminator 3," and so the focus is going to be on a new female character played by Claire Danes. Danes, whose latest is "The Hours," told a PAGE SIX pal, "It's all pretty top secret, but I can say in regards to kicking butt, I'm pretty impressive. I play a veterinarian who is abducted by the Terminator." The role is expected to be recurring as Danes is "contracted to the next 'Terminator' as well, so if audiences like what they see, I'm obliged to give it to them again!"

(December 14th, 2002) USA Today printed an article today with a first look at the T-X.

"When Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines director Jonathan Mostow says Kristanna Loken "stood out" over the 10,000 actresses he considered for the role of T-X, the female Terminator, he wasn't kidding. After all, she is 5-foot-11. Put the leggy Norwegian in a red leather outfit and it makes her all the more intimidating.

Fans have to wait until July 2 to see her in costume in the movie. But theatergoers get there first look at the trailer Wednesday, when it begins playing before Lord of the rings: The Two Towers.

"She's a more advanced model than Robert Patrick's character," Loken, who turns 23 next week, says in comparing T-X, or Terminatrix, to Patrick's T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. "She's got a feminine side that she can work on."

No, there's no sex scene between Loken and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but T-X "plays on her femininity," says Loken of her first major role. She began modeling at 15 and got her acting start on As the World Turns in 1994.

Lips are sealed when it comes to the plot details, but early on there's a scene in which Loken walks nude down Rodeo Drive. "They were pretty careful about how they screened it, but the people from up above have a plain view".

Next up is news from Counting Down Note: This does contain a spoiler.

Unlike prior deals, which only involved product placement, Steven Sturm, VP-marketing of the Toyota Division, said ''this is the first movie we are doing in a major way,'' including product placement and ''significant'' but undisclosed media support for the film. Marketing executives estimate Toyota could spend $10 million to $15 million in advertising around the movie, comparable to what Ford Motor Co. is estimated to have spent for its global linkup with MGM Distribution Co.'s James Bond film ''Die Another Day.''

Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his starring role in ''Terminator 3.'' He drives a Toyota Tundra full-size pickup in the film and is chased by a Lexus SC 430 hardtop convertible coupe driven by a female villain. Toyota handles its movie partnerships in-house.

(December 10th, 2002) From Canoe comes a interview with Claire Danes. Click here to read it.

Also on ebay there is a Terminator 3 coaster for auction click here to get more info and place a bid.

(December 6th, 2002) The Arnold Fans have received a letter from Marco Beltrami manager regarding the T3 theme. Here it is bellow

Good afternoon TheArnoldFans,

Before I even start, Terminator fans have nothing to worry about.

Regardless of what rumors and misinformation are circulating, Marco can assure you that he has not even discussed the theme, nor has he made any comments regarding the direction of the music at this point. He recently signed onto the film and is just taking the first of what will be many meetings regarding the direction of the theme and the entire score.

Marco is elated to be part of the Terminator legacy. He looks forward to working under the direction of Jonathan Mostow and making a Terminator film that maintains the high quality of those prior.

Kindest regards,


(December 5th, 2002) The Terminator 3 banner has been released by Warner bros. and here it is.

(December 3rd, 2002) It has been confirmed by Music From the Movies that Marco Beltrami and not Brad Fiedel will be doing the score for T3. Below is the full article:

Marco Beltrami, the composer of the 'Scream' trilogy, has confirmed to Music from the Movies that he has been given one of next year's most prestigious scoring assignments: he will compose the music for Jonathan Mostow's much anticipated Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Beltrami also tells us that instead of using material from Brad Fiedel's original Terminator scores, including the near-classic theme, his ambition is to "try all my own material". According to our sources, Hans Zimmer was originally asked to score the film but turned the project down. Beltrami has two other high profile assignments coming up besides T3: he will score 'Mimic' and 'Blade 2' director Guillermo del Toro's 'Hellboy' (based on the popular comic book character), and a modern big screen adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure 'Treasure Island' for Steve Miner.

(November 30th, 2002) The official release date of the Terminator 3 trailer will be on December 18th. And also the Terminator 3 banner will be released on this date.

If your in for some collectibles from the T3 set then head over here NOW!

Also here is an interview with James Cameron where he talks a little about T3 and other things

(November 26th, 2002) Coming Soon has received a description of the T3 Trailer!:

I saw a rough cut of the trailer for T3 yesterday. Saw it twice, actually. Some marketing firm was surveying consumer reactions to it and other trailers (Bad Boys 2, Charlie's Angels 2, a couple others) in the Gwinnett Place mall in Atlanta GA.

As best I can remember, it went like this:

The trailer opens with an underwater shot of a seabed covered with skulls, with choppy waves at the top of the screen. The camera then moves up above the waves and you see a single large, flying hunter killer, like those in T1/T2, but digitized instead of modeled.

Next they show Arnold in Terminator costume walking around a corner, back lit by a fire.

Next you see John Connor and some woman in a high-tech underground complex ducking from something.

Next you see a shot of the the terminatrix's back as she's flying/jumping out of the woods onto a moving hearse. They cut inside the hearse, where a woman hears the terminatrix land on the roof and says "Oh my God."

Then you see a shot of the terminatrix from behind, with a voice-over saying something along the lines of "It's come from the future to kill all humanity." She's wearing a sleeveless burgundy leather jumpsuit, and her hair is pulled up in a bun. On the last word, she looks back over her left shoulder and we see her face for the first time.

Finally, there's a few seconds of action:

Arnold with a gun, swinging on the end of a large crane truck as the TX drives it down a city street. Arnold shoots at her, she crashes the crane end into a building.

The TX shooting some sort of zappy-ray out of her right arm.

Arnold sitting in a hearse parked in a cemetery. He shoots a rocket launcher at the TX. The TX catches the shell in her right arm and the screen goes white.

They asked me if the trailer made me want to see the movie. I said yes.

Also there is an interview with Claire Danes at Enjoy!

(November 21st, 2002) Over at the forum has been put up online so if you want yourself to be heard in the Terminator community then GET DOWN there NOW!.

This news Article come from Sci Fi Wire and is an interview with Claire Danes.

Claire Danes, who co-stars with Nick Stahl in the upcoming sequel film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, told SCI FI Wire that her character finds herself caught up in the ultimate battle. "I play Kate Miller," Danes said in an interview. "She is a veterinarian who's engaged to a conservative, pleasing-to-the-folks kind of man. And she is abducted by the Terminator."

Danes added, "John Connor—who is played by Nick Stahl, a really wonderful actor—[comes to her aid], and our adventures unfold. We attempt to fight evil. We do. We give it a good shot. It was neat. Jonathan Mostow, the director, is a really good action director. He understands suspense and tension. It's going to be tight. It's going to be a really cool, fast chase."

A genre neophyte, Danes said that she's open to the idea of reprising her role as Kate Miller should T3 merit a T4. "Well, I've contracted to do one again," she said. "If audiences would like to see more of me doing this kind of thing, I'm obliged to give it to them. But I don't know if I'm going to make it a habit to pursue every other kind of movie franchise that's out there. I really love doing as many different kinds of work as possible." Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines will be released July 2, 3003.

(November 19th, 2002) If you look at the flash intro at the official T3 website you will notice that it says T-850 and not T-800 model it refers to Arnold's character The Terminator. Could this mean that Arnold is now a more advanced Terminator and what are his new abilities? Go there NOW! To check it out for yourself.

(November 17th, 2002) Residents in the UK will be happy to hear that the release date for T3 will be July 2nd 2003 and not 18th August 2003.

November 15th, 2002) is now self aware and online! On the site it says that the T3 trailer will come out in December, so not long to go.You have seen the domestic T3 Teaser now you can watch the international one! Click here to watch it.

(November 12th, 2002)This come from about the motorcycles used in T3.

"Terminator 3: We share the MC honors with Indian on this one but the boy who's going to save the world rides a Bonneville America. Scheduled for release: July 2003"

Looks like Arnold will ride the Indian while Nick Stahl will ride the T-100 model of the Bonneville America. It appears John Connor will had his very own awesome bike to ride alongside the Terminator's!

(November 9th, 2002) For those of you who have registered with the official site of Terminator 3 you can now login to the site. In other news eBay has a truck that was used in T3 for sale. Go there for more infomation. Also this from Coming soon:

The German TV Magazine "TV Spielfilm" and Movie magazine "Cinema" talked with Arnold Schwarzenegger about Schwarzenegger: "The Movie will be awesome! Mostow has done a great job. And I´m sure the Fans out there would´nt be disappointed."Further in the interview he said: "We´ve done so many stunts and there will be a lots of action sequences. Its really incredible. Things that you´ve never seen before"

And what about the female Terminator better known as the Terminatrix that goes up against the Terminator?

Schwarzenegger: "Oh! She will kicks ass. A person that you never want to meet in your life because she is more than devilish! She had Plasma weapons(!) and try to kill me with them. With these special weapons she can destroy everything that she wants. Our fight scenes are really extreme. With the Plasma weapons the TX destroy almost a whole city and I must prevent that. But it's hard to do this. More at this point i cant say. Its really top secret!"

And what about the Script? Is it true that it was revised?

Schwarzenegger:" Yeah! The first Script wasn´t so good. They made a second Script and this one is really good!" And even more news with The Globe and Mail reporting that the T3 posters will be out in the next 2 weeks.

(November 6th, 2002) Over at TMNC a review of the early draft of the T3 script has appeared, this script is different to the one used in the movie but some elements may be used in the final film so The Terminator Fan is issuing a Spoiler warning. Click here to view the review. Also note the the review is mostly negative.

(November 2nd, 2002) Good news for all Terminator fans. Terminator 3 will get a heavy R rating and the trailer will debut in front of The Lord of The Rings: The 2 Towers, on December 18.

(November 1st, 2002) the official site for T3 has just been updated. It will go live at approximately November 15. It is assumed that the trailer will also premiere on their website at that time.

(October 25th, 2002) This next news article comes from Empire Magazine:

Arnie is in a snit. He's just stalked off the set of Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines muttering ominously to himself and throwing the entire crew into a panic. "What just happened?" croaks an AD. What just happened is this: having done 10 or 12 takes of the same scene-walking down a corridor and delivering the single line, "I was made here" - the big guy has discovered he can't go straight into the next set-up because the cameraman is AWOL. Consequently, he's thrown a wobbler.

To be fair, it's not much of a hissy fit, as superstar tantrums go. Moments later, he's back with a wry smirk and raring to get on with it, much to the relief with all concerned. After all, we're talking about the eagerly-awaited sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a benchmark in action cinema and the film that just might rescue Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger from the career doldrums.

Empire has come to a mysterious studio in downtown LA, where T3 is shooting on a couple of vast sound stages. The aforementioned corridor is part of the SkyNet complex, design HQ for the Terminators-hence Arnie's one liner. The set is suitably hi-tech-grey concrete walls, banks of blinking computer monitors with wires and cables snaking them up like vines. Viewed up close, it looks like an old episode of Dr Who, but you can bet it won't when it hits screens in July next year-after all, T3s reported budget $170 million budget is the biggest green light wedge in history. Even with the aid of German financiers Intermedia and Arnie on board, Warner Bros must be sweating.

As far as the plot line goes, we're ten years down the line, with Connor and his metal mate embroiled in the human race and the SkyNet cyborgs. "It's good to be back", says Arnie, his huge frame filling a directors chair. It must be said that being in close proximity to him in full Terminator gear-leather trousers, steel-toe bike boots and sever buzz cut-it is a disquieting, surreal experience. It's like sitting down for a chat with Chaplins Tramp, or Brandos Corleone!

He's, not surprisingly, he is confident that T3 will live up to T2's high standards. "That's what it's all about", he says, "You try to outdo the last thing. It's like in sports - records are there to be broken."

If you're expecting any details on exactly how it ups the ante, forget it - this is a resolutely tight set. And although Stan Winston let it slip that we will see a 3rd Terminator - the T-100, a heavy duty battle machine that preceded the T-800 - Arnie himself isn't giving anything away. "I think T2 was extraordinary," is all he'll say, "and I think this one has a chance to be extraordinary too."

Arnie is full of praise for Jonathan Mostow; "He measures up very well, he's a terrific director!"

"Working with Arnold is a joy", says Mostow, "I feel like I'm making the Bible and I've got Moses playing Moses. There's nothing I can tell him about playing the role - he invented it and he's been living it for almost 20 years. Frankly, in a movie like this, it's nice to have something that runs on autopilot. I get to have my own personal Terminator. I mean, how many people would pay 8 bucks to sit in my chair and just watch him blow stuff up?!"

Then, as if on cue, Mostow and Arnold record a take where Arnie does just that. Arnie stumps up to a huge window, peers out and pokes his huge gun through. "She'll be back," he growls. Well, it is the franchise hook, after all!"

(October 18th, 2002) 2 new pictures from the set of T3 being posted up by 4 you web. Lets hope that WB will release more in the coming weeks.

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