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Terminator Multimedia

The Terminator

Streaming Video

The Terminator Trailer

The Terminator Special edition DVD Trailer

The Terminator Special edition DVD Teaser

About the Terminator scene

Automated Factory scene

Evading the Police scene

Get Out scene

I'll be back scene

A scene from the Making of the Terminator

About John Connor Scene

Bike Scene

Come With Me If You Want To Live Scene

Flames Scene

Message From John Scene

Obtaining Clothes Scene Part 1

Obtaining Clothes Scene Part 2

Pain Scene

Sarah Picture Scene

Stationwagon Scene

Streaming Audio

The Terminator Theme


The Terminator Shooting script

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Streaming Video

Terminator 2 Trailer

Terminator 2 Teaser

Terminator 2 DVD Trailer

Bike jump scene

Reasemble scene

T2 war part 1

T2 war part 2

Skynet scene

T-1000 scene

Terminator 2 opening scene

Terminator 2 ending scene

I'll be back scene

Bad to the Bone scene

Get Down scene

Deleted Terminator 2 Dream scene

Deleted Dyson scene

Alternate ending scene (Future-Coda)

Deleted Killing Max scene

Deleted Learning to smile scene

Deleted Malfunctions scene

Deleted Sarah Beating Scene

Deleted Surgury scene

Come With Me If You Want To Live Scene

Flames Scene

Streaming Audio

Terminator 2 Theme


Terminator 2 script

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Streaming Video

Terminator 3 Teaser

Terminator 3 Trailer

Streaming Audio

Terminator 3 Theme (sequenced by Joseph Grant)


Terminator 3 fan made script You will need to download Final Draft viewer which is free to view the file.

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